Top 10 War on Men Social Phenomenon by A.J.A Cortes

Top 10 War on Men Social Phenomenon by A.J.A Cortes

If you have been following what’s happening around the World, you will realize that there is a Great War on Men. This agenda is being fueled by politicians, the media and corporations. Men are being viewed as oppressive and boys are being taught not to follow the same path.

In the last few days of 2019, two ads have taken the world by surprise and elicited different opinions.

Gillet and PETA Ads

The first Ad is by Gillet which starts off by showcasing how men acted traditionally and goes on to encourage behavior change by shaming masculinity. In the ad, boys are encouraged not to fight (as they did in form of games) and show “empathy” toward each other and towards girls.

The second Ad by PETA encourages vegan way of life as the only way toward man power. The ad features grown men swinging vegetables (carrots, cucumber…) as their private parts. In the tweet they say, ““Traditional” masculinity is DEAD. The secret to male sexual stamina is veggies.”

Off course their goal is to trigger human emotions and opinions with the aim of making money.

While going through these shifts in Masculinity vs Feminism, one gentleman on twitter observed a “social phenomenon that has aided the “War on Men””.

This social phenomenon is evident in most parts of the world including Kenya and the following are Bilichi’s top 10 picks from A.J.A Cortes.

Top 10 War on Men Social Phenomenon by A.J.A Cortes

#1 “The feminization of men and the masculinization of women”

#2 “The breaking apart of exclusively male spaces”

#3 “The normalization of female promiscuity as empowerment”

#4 “The promotion that masculinity should only be defined by women”

#5 “The promotion that female authority is unquestionable and any criticism of a woman is “misogyny””

#6 “The normalization of accusing men of sexual assault and misconduct if a woman is displeased with a how many acted towards her in any ways as means of revenge”

#7 “The promotion that homosexuals are a protected class/identity, and that homosexual men can never be sexual abusers”

#8 “The demonization of Christianity”

#9 “The promotion of single motherhood and the marginalization of fathers”

#10 “The normalization and acceptance of double standards in how men and women are sentenced”

What is your opinion?

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