Top 10 #CogratulationsGovernor Tweets


Have you seen the #CongratulationsGovernor tweets yet?

Kenyans are very creative and full of life. Despite the many challenges facing the country, they will always wake up on a high spirit ready to hustle.

While some go on with their usual offline businesses, there are others whose presence cannot be ignored online. They praise, criticize and attack others but at the same time inform the world about what is happening around us.

On Wednesday morning, Kenyans on Twitter decided to share their views and opinion about the elected Governors through #CongratulationsGovernor. Some of the tweets were ironic while others showcased great works by some of the County leaders.

Below is a list of some of the best tweets from #Congratulationsgovernor and reactions from the app users.

Top ten #CongratulationsGovernor tweets

#1 “Congratulations Governor most Holy Prophet Waititu Baba Yao, keep doing more and more miracles! Kiambu people are really proud of you.”

#2 “Congratulations Governor Mike Sonko for finishing your job in record time, sasa tupange kazi ya 2022.”

#3 “In Nyandarua we are still renting a PCEA Hall for our county assembly sittings. #CongratulationsGovernor”

#4 “Congratulations Governor Oparanya for bringing the true meaning of Devolution. Kakamega looks amazing. Kudos.”

#5 “#CongratulationsGovernor for purchasing two refurbished buses at a whooping Ksh 40 Million while our roads are pathetic. You mean well for Nakuru uncle Gov Lee Kinyanjui”

And then these

#6 “We must also congratulate all the governors on building palatial homes for themselves.  Hard work pays.”

#7 “We love your level of corruption; it’s really captivating and motivating. Keep going gentlemen.”

#8 “Congratulations Governor Wa Iria for building yourself an international school in Murang’a, it’ll truly help your constituents in advancing internationally.”

#9 “Kitui county is embracing green and renewable energy Thanks Madam Ngilu for the leadership.”

#10 ”We have a winner Governor of Kakamega #CongratulationsGovernor”

#11 “Congratulations Governor Mike Sonko For recording phone calls to prove that you’re really working. Good job !”

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