10 Things Kenyan Parents should tell their Sons & Daughters

10 Things Kenyan Men Should Tell Their Sons

Your Sons and Daughters need to be guided in the right direction when they are still young. If you are on Twitter, use the app for ideas!

Twitter is one of the greatest social networking platforms ever created in the history of Mankind. If you are in the right corner, you will have an opportunity to share your ideas and learn from an amazing group of people.

One of such corners of Twitter is the “self-improvement”. Men and Women from all over the world share fine wisdom which if acted upon can channel one’s thoughts in the right direction.

Below are top ten tweets that stood out in 2018 and at Bilichi we believe that every parent should pass the knowledge on to their sons and daughters.

10 Things Kenyan Parents should tell their sons and daughters

#1 You deserve nothing that you don’t deserve

“You don’t deserve s**t. Being alive doesn’t entitle you to anything. Breathing air doesn’t make you special or important. You’re just a piece of flesh and bone just like everybody else. Thinking otherwise would be incredibly arrogant.”

~ Nate Schmidt‏ @schm7dt

#2 Learn to be a beginner

“The road to mastery is only traveled by those who can tolerate being a beginner. Knowledge begins with the acknowledgment of ignorance. Modern people may have to learn and discard many skills throughout their lives. Those who can embrace being a beginner will thrive.”

~ The Stoic Emperor @TheStoicEmperor

#3 Your opinion is yours alone.

“You’re entitled to your opinion, but people aren’t obligated to: Listen to it, care about it or agree with it. In real life, people are often guilty of forgetting the first two.”

~ Ed Latimore @EdLatimore

#4 Be different from the masses

“Friday – Sunday is where you separate from the crowd. It’s crowed at the bottom. The clubs are packed, you can’t walk around. The bars are full, you can’t order a drink. The same people from last week will be there. Do something this weekend that you’ll be grateful for on Monday”

~ Chris Johnson ‏ @Nappyb0yy 

#5 Think independently

“There’s a lot of money in keeping you basic, fat, and broke. Netflix–the $152B company–says its greatest competitor is sleep. The last thing the pharmaceutical, sports, entertainment, and fast food industry want you to do is to get mentally, physically, and emotionally fit.”

~ Ed Latimore @EdLatimore

#6  You don’t owe them an explanation

“Stop explaining yourself to people who aren’t listening to a word that you’re saying. These people are just planning their comeback.”

~ ArmaniTalks @ArmaniTalks

#7 Don’t waste your precious time

“Chances are, you have time, but you’re just wasting it.”

~ LifeMathMoney @LifeMathMoney

#8 Chose from whom you seek advice

“If someone doesn’t already have what you want, or your failure does not affect them in any way. Don’t ask them for advice.”

~ Matt Stephens @Matt_S_Stephens

#9 Teachers Vs Mentors

“Teachers are for school and Mentors for the real world.”

~ ArmaniTalks @ArmaniTalks

#10 Break away from your fears

“Your fears are a kind of prison that confines you within a limited range of action. The less you fear, the more power you will have and the more fully you will live.”

~ The 50th Law @50thLawtweets

Featured Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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